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WebTitle Agency Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters


WebTitle Agency (“WebTitle”) and partner companies Cascade Settlement Agency (“Cascade”) and Customized Lenders Services (“CLS”) are pleased to announce the relocation of their corporate headquarters.


WebTitle will also be adding a branch office in a new downtown location in the Executive Office building at 36 W. Main Street, Suite #51. This branch office will focus on walk in attorney traffic and maintain close proximity to the County Clerk’s Office, Treasurer, City Hall and Surrogate’s Court.


“This expansion and relocation affords WebTitle Agency the best of both worlds…it provides a convenient downtown location for our valuable clients which is in close proximity to municipal offices, while at the same time providing an expansive suburban location which allows for continued growth, product line assimilation, state of the art conference rooms, training facilities, and virtually unlimited free parking,” said Alan Roides, Chief Marketing Officer/Partner of WebTitle Agency. “Our combined teams are incredibly excited about the future and we are very grateful to our client and vendor partners for their continued support.”


WebTitle will officially open their new office space on Monday, August 20 and will celebrate their grand opening in November.